How appropriate is your office attire?

One’s university studies leads directly to starting a new job. Whilst in college you must have dressed haphazardly. However after joining a company one thing you must change is your attire. Most of us know from our own experience that no one will complain if a college student shows up in shorts and t-shirts. But the game has new rules now that you have to adapt.


What is a “dress code”?


In the professional world what you dress matters a lot. Especially if your career revolves around you having a lot of interactions with clients and even colleagues it is a must to adhere to a proper dress code. Almost all the companies, most of the time has a dress code. It is usually written down in an internal website or an employee handbook. If you violate it and show up to work in improper clothes it maybe something that would be taken up by the HR. It will indeed be embarrassing for you, the HR and your boss. So be sure that you have read the handbook or referred to the relevant webpage. If it is not written down, speak to someone who knows about it and are up to date of what to wear and what not to wear.

Know the jargon


Even if you read and talk to someone and find out what to wear but if you do not know what it means then that is another issue. Fresh out of the college you might be pardoned for the lack of knowledge on some of the office rules and regulations. However you can read and get to know about something simple as a dress code. You can refer to the web to know what is smart casual, corporate office wear and loungewear. If the dress code specifically mentions collarless T shirts and tops are not allowed you must adhere to that. Also some companies might let you wear a National dress. Some might have dress codes and regulations based on gender. So make sure to read and understand how it all applies to you.

Go shopping


Now that you have a clear understanding on what type of clothes you must wear, you can go shoppingfor them. If it is a too much of a hassle to physically walk through all the displays, you cando some online shopping. There are certain colours that are more suitable for office attire. If the company dress code lists “corporate casuals” you can stick to jeans and shirts; however blatantly colourful attire might not suit any office. You have to be careful when picking florals as well. Colours such as red, dark purple and orange or luminous colours may not suit an office. You can easily shop for ladies tops Singapore in many online stores that offer free delivery.


Making a statement in the first employment is important. One way of doing it is by dressing appropriately.


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