How to Care For Silk Fabrics and Garments?

Often times we don’t realize that caring for our clothes is one of the surest ways to ensure their longevity. It is common to assume that all fabrics are made equally and will hold up the same. However, this assumption could not be further from the truth. While certain fabrics maybe hardier than others there are those like chiffons and the silks that are exquisite and need some extra care in order for them to maintain their look and feel. Read on for a few tips on how to care for your silk garments and have them last longer.

Always Opt For Dry Cleaning

Often referred to as the queen of fabrics by traders for years, silk fabrics have been much sought after for centuries and was the fabric of choice for Eastern royalty in ancient times. However, silk has still not lost its appeal through the generations and is considered the choice of the refined. Genuine silk fabrics are soft to the touch and can be worn during any season. However, the fabric is quite delicate and needs to be cared for properly. Dry cleaning is perhaps the best method to remove grease and dust from your silk garments. Dry cleaning will also help to maintain the colour and appearance of the fabric without stripping the fabric of its softness. Its appearance will remain as new as the day you bought it. If you’re looking for a reliable retailer, then click here to buy silk shirts.

The Next Best Option- Hand Wash Your Silk Garments

In the event that you’re not able to dry clean your silk garments, hand washing them yourself is the next best option. Dry cleaning can be expensive and cleaning the garments yourself would mean washing them by hand. Resist the urge to throw the garment into the washing machine with the rest of your clothing. The tumbling and spinning cycles could pull and stretch the garments unnecessarily.  Also, the darker silk garments need to be hand washed separately from the lighter coloured silks. The best quality about silks is that they are not prone to shrinkage and a gentle hand wash could help maintain their appearance.

Don’t Use Hot Water When Washing

Another important point to consider when washing silk garments is to never rinse the garment in hot or warm water, but to wash the garment in normal or cold water. As the fabric is quite delicate in nature, the warm water would be harsher on the fabric and even strip it of its vibrant colours. Cold water will help to maintain the shape of the garment and help to keep the colours looking brighter.

Use Detergent Carefully

While it is recommended that delicate fabrics should be hand washed, it’s also important to pay attention to the type of detergent that you use. When purchasing detergents read the labels and make sure that they are safe to use on delicate fabrics like silk. Detergents usually incorporate bleaching agents and if you’re not careful will strip the fabric of its colour.

Silk fabrics are a pleasure to own and will never lose their timeless nature. The following tips will help you look after your garments so that you can enjoy wearing them for longer.

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