Important things you need to know about extending eyelashes

We all try our level best to make ourselves look good because then we can present ourselves with confidence. We often focus on our skin, hair and makeup. When thinking about makeup, one of the main feature that completes your look is your eyes. If you have natural, round eyes with long eyelashes you don’t need any special make up but a bit of mascara and lipstick. Because when you highlight your eyes, your whole face glows. You are extremely lucky if you have long natural eye lashes.

Don’t worry if you do not have long, natural eye lashes as there are popular ways of getting fake lashes. If you glue lashes it is a bit of a trouble to do it every day.

Therefore, the solution is the get extensions. Eyelash extension, Singapore is very popular among young adults. These extensions are similar to your real lashes, so it gives you a natural look.

No more heavy makeup

One of the biggest pros of lash extensions is that you don’t have to apply mascara ever again. The lashes are thick and gives your eyes a round glamorous look without any eye makeup. And when you are getting your lashes done you can customize them according to your preference. One style of lashes might not fit the shape of your eyes. Therefore, it is best to customize the length and size to fit your eyes. When you are able to cut your makeup in half, but still be able to present yourself without a hesitation, it will increase your self-confidence.

The prices of the extensions

One con of these extensions is that they are quite expensive. The initial rate usually is between $80 – $150 depending of the type of lashes you get and the fees of the stylist. Even though it is being said that it is ‘permanent’, you have to have touch-up at least every one month in a very simple manner. But if you find an affordable stylist that will give you the needed value for your money, it is going to be a worthy investment for sure! Maintenance of extensions is not hard to do either!

Keep in mind

The end result of this process if very attractive. But you need to make some light changes in your routine after getting it done. You cannot hop into the shower till 48 hours are passed, you cannot use oil-based cleansers and heavy eye cream, no mascara, no rubbing your eyes, no falling asleep face-first on your bed and compulsory touch-up visits. Following these rules for a short period of time will ensure the most beautiful eyelashes on you!

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