Planning a Bohemian-themed Wedding

Bohemian weddings are romantic, rustic and unique. They are the perfect expression of free-spirits and nature lovers. Not to mention those of us who are bored with traditional hotel receptions! If you think a bohemian themed wedding is for you, read on for some tips to make your big day a memorable and colorful affair.


Since the bohemian style borrows heavily from hippie culture, nature and the outdoors should figure prominently in your theme. Having your wedding outdoors is thus a good idea and will set the laid-back mood you’re aiming for. When choosing a venue for your wedding reception, consider areas such as a wide open field, a large lawn, an orchard or vineyard, the beach, or even your own backyard. The size of your venue will of course depend on the number of guests you will need to accommodate. If you’re not planning on going to church, you can even have your wedding ceremony at the same venue.

What to wear

The whole point of a bohemian wedding is that everything should be simple and natural. This applies to your wedding attire too. For the bride and bridesmaids, think loose and flowing bohemian dresses in hand woven lace, cotton or chiffon. If you like vintage styles such as medieval-inspired dresses, you can incorporate these elements into your wedding gown as well. Keep your make up simple and natural, or just go bare faced. As to hairstyles, loose, natural tresses or a messy fishtail braid adorned with flowers look lovely. Flower crowns are popular among boho brides too. Your bouquet should not be fussy as well, using wildflowers instead of expensive choices like roses. Aim for a handpicked look. As to the groom, a plain white shirt over trousers or a simple suit should do. If you want to take this theme far, you and your wedding party could even consider ditching your footwear and going barefoot!


The entire feel of your boho theme should translate into the décor. Decide on what type of influences you want to add in. Will it be purely nature-oriented or do you want to mix a few tribal elements in too? Maybe give it a fairytale or fantasy feel? You can have a subtle mix of all these elements or just keep it low-key and stick to one theme. Bohemian is all about creativity, so be artistic and imaginative in what you choose. A staple element for boho weddings is an eye-catching arch decorated with trailing vines or flower arrangements. Since this is the centerpiece of the ceremony, you can even make your own arch, and design it to look as rustic as possible. When it comes to decorating your venue, use flowers, leaves, twigs, feathers, shells and handcrafted items such as dream catchers. Some receptions use mismatched elements such as mismatched plates or chairs for a whimsical touch. If your reception is held at night, set the mood with interesting lighting such as fairylights draped on trees, wooden chandeliers, or vintage suspended lanterns.

Overall, keep your décor subtle and interesting for the best effect.

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