Solutions to Inner Thigh Chaffing For Any Season

The ‘chub rub’ is a common event that happens to most plus-sized women during summer. Popularly known as thigh chafing, this can be a painstaking occurrence for every woman without a thigh gap. But there are quick fixes so you don’t suffer from this ever again.


Some women may prefer to keep it simple and use thigh bandalettes to avoid thigh chafing. These are like wide garter belts that come in lace or plain material. These clothing accessories are a favourite since it’s simple to put on and off. It usually caters up to a 32-inch circumference so you don’t have to worry about it restricting your abdomen, waist and groin area.

Anti-Chaffing Shorts

Know that plus size anti chafing shorts are a favourite with most. It is easy to wear and does a great job at holding the bulges out of the way as you work out that outfit. Some short variations don’t have a compression factor, making it more comfortable to use during summer. Some may come in plain or combination of plain stretch fabric with laces along the hemline.

Chaffing shorts come in various materials. You can opt for a moisture-wicking mesh to prevent chub rub. These are special materials that catch moisture easily and evaporate faster. It’s the kind of material you may want to go for especially on long summer days.

Bike shorts are usually made of neoprene material and work as a compression short at the same time. Most of these shorts are worn by men but some women find this product a good alternative for anti-chaffing shorts.

Microfiber shorts are made of breathable fabric that cools and prevents thigh rubbing at the same time. It is a good undergarment to use that stays put. It’s simple and easy to use. However, don’t expect any compression feature on this one.

Nylon microfiber is another type of anti-chaffing material that works like neoprene and microfiber. This is a synthetic fibre that is non-absorbent and does well to keep your thighs dry and clean. As an alternative to silk, it also lightweight and durable so it can handle a lot of rub without much wear and tear.

Talcum Powder

It’s economical and easy to purchase. Talcum powder is used by many women against the ‘chub-rub’ season. It may work with the above mentioned items but it can also work as a stand-alone solution against thigh rubbing.

Stick Deodorant

Here is another convenient solution to thigh rage. It keeps sweat at bay, thus giving a smooth and comfortable feel during exceptionally hot days.

While many swore that this product works, some may disagree. It may work for plus-size women with slightly smaller thighs. But for women with bigger thighs, this item may not fare well. Chances are it could get rubbed off after only a couple of minutes.

Chaffing can be a maddening experience for plus-size women. But it’s beatable. Just keep away from fabrics that tend to absorb sweat and stick to those that have a low tendency to absorb moisture. From now on, you can wear whatever comes to fancy and look your best all the time!

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