Steer Clear Of Hairy Situations with These Good Hair Tips

If you have had a long-standing love for luscious, long locks, but have also had an equally long-standing battle with seeing it come to fruition, it might be time for something different. For those of you who have less luck with naturally growing out your hair, hope is not lost. There are now modern-day alternatives that have also garnered a great deal of attention, because of how effective they are. Naturally, hair extensions fall into this category, and with good reason too. They have proven to be efficient, useful and a fashion-forward approach, without any of the hassle that comes with growing out your real hair. For first-timers though, the concept might be a tad confusing, which is why this list of tips should come in handy.

Choose Your Type

If you have made up your mind to get hair extensions then the first thing to tick off your list, is what type you want. Yes, there are different kinds. Clip-in, tape, and keratin, which primarily deals with how you want your extensions to be installed. There is also the matter of whether you want natural hair or synthetic hair, depending on your preferences. Most, however, tend to prefer natural hair over the other as it is not only easy to manage but also blends in quite invisibly. Though some are not entirely comfortable with it, bear in mind that heated styling tools are a no-go with synthetic hair.

Test the Wefts

You will find yourself coming across the term ‘weft’ quite often on your quest for longer, thicker hair, so it is important to know what it means. Wefts are what ultimately make it onto your head, once you have picked out the kind of hair you want. The quality of the wefts is what will ensure the longevity and superiority of your extensions. A good trick is to run your fingers through the weft, so you can be sure there are no loose strands that give away or escape the weft completely. Whether you are narrowing down hair extension salons Melbourne or anywhere else, remember that the weft is what you need to be paying attention to. It also needs to fit comfortably on your head.


Cut and Style Correctly

The whole point of opting for extensions, is to look like you have a lot more hair, but without the world knowing how. Once the extensions are in, a proper cut and style are essential to help it blend in. Good extensions are pretty much unnoticeable. Work closely with your hairstylist to find out which styles are best suited for you depending on your traits and requirements. If necessary, colour your hair to a shade that is closer to your natural hair, but remember do not bleach.


If you have no idea what you are in for or what makes a good hair extension supplier, then research is mandatory. You could very easily fall for a gimmick, and end up with a disastrous job, not to mention a few hundred dollars poorer. Before anything, make sure you take some time to browse through the many different suppliers out there, so you get a feel for it. Ask family and friends for recommendations as well.

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