Valance Styles: How to Choose the Right One

With so many different types and styles of window draperies and coverings, finding the one is a task. However with our expert help, we hope to ease the process for you.

Their Benefits

Versatile fabric valances provide additional finishing touches to windows in any room. They are usually hung on the curtain rode to merely conceal or add a sophisticated edge. From simple to customized, there is a myriad of options available to choose from. They can be installed on windows, picture frames and even on the beds. A valance can be ultimately used alone or can be paired with blinds, curtains or draperies.

Box Pleated Valance

A more traditional and formal take on a valance. It is usually box-shaped and pleated and is most suitable for spaces that look for a traditional or formal feel.

Arched Valance

It is a highly proportioned and decorative fabric that is arched and pleated in the middle. The bottom of the valance usually has a coordinating band for an accent. This style is commonly used in kitchens and breakfast rooms. It provides an extra punch of warm and homey feel.

Rolled Valance

The double-duty coverage acts as both a valance and a curtain. When not in use as a curtain it can be rolled up and tied together for a more valance-y look. Can be tied using bows, ribbons or any other coordinating material. Skilfully caters to the cottage chic style.

Stepped Valance

Contemporary meets elegance. It is a straight edged valance that is tiered in different heights to create a stepped look.

Ring Top Valance with Jabots

It is a valance that symmetrically scallops on the top and bottom to create a centrefold. This type is draped on rods with sewn on rings. The bottom of the valance can be styled using beads or fringes.

Gathered Valance

A traditional type of covering that is made using twice the material size to provide the gathered look and effect. You can also add decorative glass or crystal beads or fringes to the bottom hem.

Sculpt Valance

It has bold style with modern ease, a simple statement. Using the same valance over the bed will maximize its dramatic effect. Make sure the valance is the same colour as the room’s paint.

Balloon Valance

To make this valance extra fabric is cinched to provide the balloon-y effect. This style goes best with traditional rooms with traditional styled drapery rods with finials and a bottom beaded fringe.

Straight Valance

It is a simple and basic style that serves its purpose successfully. Usually softens a hard and edgy room and it is pretty easy and simple to design and install. The valance should be of the right size, too long or too short will distract its purpose.

Tie Top Valance

It is a lightweight fabric that is usually hung over a rod. To get the fullness of the look use twice the material needed. Perfect to be used in the bathroom, same shower curtains will heighten its simplicity and style.

Queen Anne Valance

A majestic and dramatic styled valance that is scalloped in the fringed bottom edge and each flat space is divided by a fan pleat to create a Victorian look.

Valances are an important aspect of the window terminology. Match and choose the right one to create the perfect feel and effect.

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