What’s the Hype with Bamboo Fabric?

If you’ve heard about bamboo, it’s probably as the favourite food of pandas. Bamboo forests are great locations for martial arts movies and bamboo wood makes wonderful flutes, sushi mats, among other things, but what about bamboo fabric? Is it even possible to make clothes with bamboo?

First of all, bamboo isn’t a tree as most people believe. It’s a type of grass. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. In Asia, where bamboo forests are native, people have been using this plant for most types of uses, including for making cloth so, bamboo fabric isn’t necessarily new. However, the modern version is created with advanced technology. Here are several facts about bamboo fabric you might want to know about:

Bamboo Fabric Feels Great

Perhaps the foremost reason bamboo fabrics have been getting popular is because it feels very comfortable against skin. The fabric is much less irritating even compared against cotton. It feels silky against skin without retaining moisture or heat like silk. Thanks to the heavenly feel of bamboo, it has become a popular fabric for making undergarments, such as the much buzzed about men’s underwear designed by Taylor brothers. Bamboo is a great fabric for clothes like t-shirts that a person can wear casually for long periods without getting uncomfortable.

Bamboo is Highly Absorbent

As a fabric, bamboo is highly absorbent even compared to natural cotton. It is a go-to fabric for absorbing sweat so the skin is left feeling dry. Bamboo is a great fabric thus to wear in the summer or when working out.

A Fabric that Doesn’t Smell

Most fabrics begin to smell after being worn for hours. Bamboo is said to have amazing anti-odour protection. It’s not to say that the fabric is completely smelled free. Only that it would not smell as bad as most other fabrics like silk or polyester.

Bamboo is Lightweight

Most bamboo clothes are very lightweight. The fabric has natural micro gaps between the threads, which allow air between the skin and the exterior environment. The advantage is that it can trap in body heat, which will be very helpful in the winter months. Bamboo fabric is known to regulate body temperature well in the sense that wearers can stay cool in the summer and warm in winter compared to other popularly used fabrics.

Bamboo is Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Bamboo fabrics are known to be non-irritating. The fabric is naturally smooth, there’s it reduces the irritability that can inflame or cause discomfort to sensitive Skin. This is why bamboo fabrics are commonly used with baby diapers. Baby skin isn’t as sensitive to bamboo fabric as other fabrics.

Bamboo is also considered a highly “eco-friendly” fabric. As mentioned above, bamboo plants grow fast. It’s easy to re-grow bamboo forests, naturally reducing the environmental impact of commercial use of the product. Bamboo trees also don’t require common chemicals used in agriculture like pesticides and fossil fuel fertilizers. It’s much better for the environment compared to cotton. Overall, it’s a great green fabric that feels luxurious without costing much.

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